Gear Review: Comet Jacket by Isis

Before I even put on the Isis Comet jacket, I had a feeling that I was going to like it. Isis is a company run by two women who create clothing exclusively for women. They support and sponsor several women’s events and organizations, and pride themselves on creating clothing that is designed for the specific needs of women.

I have worn the Comet for snowshoeing on several occasions in varying conditions, and have found its performance to be stellar. This lightweight, attractive and versatile jacket has a lean silhouette, leaving little room for cold air to creep underneath the hem. As an added guard against cold drafts, there is a drawcord hem to cinch in the bottom of the jacket. The nylon front provides good wind resistance, while the stretch back and underarms are comfortable, breathable and allow freedom of movement. The Comet is non-bulky and is an excellent layering tool, making it very versatile. Once in very cold conditions, I even threw a heavy fleece over top and the jacket did not feel cumbersome. There is an apt description of the Comet jacket on Isis’ website … “an adrenalin junkie’s dream”. Sure enough, even on warmer days, I never overheated.

In a nod to technology, the Comet jacket has an internal pocket and carrier loop designed to accommodate an MP3 player. A clever idea, and I also found the pocket to be the perfect size to keep my Clif Bar from freezing on a cold day! Although there are no side pockets (which I did miss sometimes), there is an additional pocket in the center back of the jacket. The Comet jacket is available in two pleasing colors, wave (blue) and citron (yellow/green), attractively punctuated by contrasting black insets on the back and underarms. Reflective strips on the front and back of the jacket are a great safety feature.

I believe the Comet jacket has the versatility for 3 season use, depending on the layering combination used. Optimal in winter for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, I know I will reach for it again in spring and fall for cycling, hiking and canoeing. An ideal product for active women.

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Debbie McKeown