Gear Review: Marmot Super Hero Jacket

I guess the big question here is simply this: Does the Marmot Super Hero Jacket make you feel like a super hero? Sure it does. For snowshoeing, the Super Hero Jacket provides a lightweight solution when confronted with the cold winter elements.

Spending an entire day snowshoeing and relying on the Super Hero Jacket, I was convinced that it was exactly what I needed when out in the snow. I tried testing the jacket with a light base layer and then with a heavy base layer. Either way, I was sweating. But, more importantly, I was warm. My comfort was never compromised.

According to Marmot, the Super Hero Jacket is windproof, water resistant, and breathable. One of my favorite features on the Super Hero Jacket was the Angel-Wing Movement. This feature allows for full arm movement when snowshoeing because the activity forces the body to move wildly and sporadically.

One of my least favorite features was the zip off coated hood. The hood is stored in the collar of the Super Hero Jacket, which makes the collar bulky and awkward. In fact, I never had a reason to use the hood. And, it’s in my opinion that a lightweight jacket should never require the need for a hood (unless it was made to detour rain). But that’s just my opinion.

As a person who has recently become more fit and athletic, the Super Hero Jacket is body conforming and perfect for athletes. I LOOK like a super hero! It’s now my go-to jacket when snowshoeing. I’m addicted.

Marmot Super Hero Jacket features:

*Gore Windstopper
*Zonal Construction Anatomical placement of fabrics
*Zip off coated hood
*Underarm venting gussets
*Laser drilled WR chest and hand pockets

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