Gear Review: Lowa Trident GTX Snowboots

A snowshoeing boot worth trying is the glove-like (for the foot, obviously) Lowa Trident GTX. Comfortable and essential, the Trident GTX provides confidence to the snowshoer’s snowshoeing.

After a full weekend of shoeing through some of Colorado’s coldest and wind-blown iced terrain, I found the Tridents to become a stable source for foot warmth. I failed to complain of numb toes and over-frictioned pressure points on my feet.

The Trident’s narrow sole – and the Snowgrip tread – fit in a pair of snowshoes (no matter the binding) in a way that seems they were manufactured specifically for the shoeing activity. Overall, I found the Lowas to be a superior boot for snowshoeing. In fact, a pair of gaitors is almost unnecessary when wearing the Tridents; the boots provide an incredible amount of support and ride higher on the ankle compared to other models we tested.

The only downfall for the Trident GTX model is the color choice, black. No other colors, or combination of colors, are available (according to my research). This small feature constraint stands alone and doesn’t defray from the boot’s appeal.

As part of our reviews of boots for the snowshoeing season, we found that the Lowas ranked in our top three favorites among the 10 brands we tested. It is our recommendation to snowshoers, Lowa’s Trident GTX exist as a superior choice.


* Upper: Abrasion-resistant Nubuk leather with textile
* Easy lacing system for pressure distribution
* Insulated, waterproof and warm with durable GORE-TEX Motion protective lining
* Mid-sole: Two different components provide the perfect combination of comfort, shock-absorption and stability

Note – New, improved outsole: The ‘Crystal’ outsole has replaced the SnowGrip outsole. (Boot sole will look slightly different than in this photo.) Crystal’s sharp profile elements provide better grip and traction on snow and ice.

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