Marcus Wilkins, Signing-Off

I’m writing these lines from atop a breezy ridge in Highlands, Colorado, reflecting on my time with Snowshoe Magazine. As I peer up the Front Range at the snowcapped enormity of Mount Evans and the distant behemoth of Longs Peak, I’m keenly aware of my altered perspective. Up in the lofty pockets of white and purple, there are undoubtedly hundreds of snowshoers echoing the scratch of my pen with the crunch of fresh powder. Next month, in my new Floridian hometown, those imagined footfalls will be replaced with the lapping of sea foam and the screams of high-school sports fans in the Sunshine State. I can only hope the effect will be as inspirational.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve taken a job as a sports correspondent with a newspaper in Sebring. It’s always been a dream of mine to be a sports journalist, and Snowshoe Magazine has given me an appreciated shove of momentum toward that goal. I’ve seen some pretty cool things in my time here. I watched a nimble Labrador retriever chase a black squirrel on the frozen shore of Echo Lake. I saw a hawk intercept a sparrow five feet in front of my face in Estes Park. The charge of the masses off the starting line in Beaver Creek is an image that won’t soon leave me.

But for all of the splendor in nature I’ve witnessed, my most cherished experience is the relationships I’ve developed through this magazine. Thanks to everyone with whom I’ve interacted. From the talented writers who’ve shared their creativity, to all of the advertisers and event organizers who have offered their kind words of advice. Most importantly, thanks to Ryan Alford, the ambitious publisher of Snowshoe Magazine for giving a snot-nosed college grad a shot. This is a high quality publication that has established itself as the voice of a niche that sorely needed one.

I’ll still be contributing from time to time and continuing my work on the editorial side of things, albeit in a significantly diminished role. I must admit, there is a part of me that’s a bit wary of how I’ll react once I’m swatting mosquitoes against my muggy skin, but I’m sure I’ll endure. After all, I’m merely trading ice scrapers and snow gusts for gators and swampland.

Good luck to everyone, and feel free to look me up if you ever find yourself down south. Happy snowshoeing!

We are on the search for our new Editor voice of Snowshoe Magazine. For more information, e-mail Ryan Alford:

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