Snow Day Hill Workout

Last Friday was one of those rare, oh so perfectly timed SNOW DAYS!!!!!!!!!! Our landscape was dumped with a foot of snow overnight from the biggest storm of the year, so far. As it tapered off and the sun came out, out too came the snowshoes. I drove up to the nearest trail for my hill workout. I had been doing road hills the past few weeks, so I felt ready to handle some on snowshoes.

The exertion of the workout started earlier than expected, as from the very first step the going was tough through the untouched snow. My heart rate went through the roof even while I was crawling along. Not the best way to warm up!! I rationalized that vacuuming the house earlier in the day was good enough for this purpose.

After a good amount of slogging, I got to the nearby toboggan hill. Gratefully I noticed that a lone snowmobile had gone up and down once to pack down a trail. I jumped on and proceeded to do as many repeats as possible in 16 minutes. It was about 30 seconds up the hill, and with the tough conditions, my pounding heart and rubbery legs agreed that any longer hills would have to wait!


About the author

Sara Montgomery and Derrick Spafford

Derrick and Sara are trail runners from Eastern Ontario who discovered that running on snowshoes in the winter months is a great way to enjoy their favorite trails year-round. They competed in their first snowshoe series (The Mad Trapper Series in Low, Quebec) in 2005, each finishing 2nd in their respective divisions. Plans for 2006 are to return to the Mad Trapper, to take in some races in New York and Vermont, and hopefully cap their season with the U.S. Snowshoe Championships in March, as Canadian guests. Derrick runs a company, Spafford Health and Adventure (, which specializes in coaching and event promotion. He is currently planning an annual snowshoe race to be held in the Kingston area, starting this winter.