When the Snowshoes On Your Feet Aren’t Enough

Want to know what to buy for the obsessed snowshoer in your life? Do you collect snowshoe-themed art? Have you considered decorating with snowshoes? We’ve found some home décor, gifts, and collectibles that might be of interest.

Country Ways of Minnesota offers a multifarious collection of snowshoe-themed furniture and accessories that could certainly help sate a snowshoer’s obsession with the sport. Country Ways manufactures exceptional traditional snowshoes and takes snowshoe art to the next level with their furniture and accessories. They claim that their Country Ways Rocker, framed and webbed similarly to traditional snowshoes, is known as the “commitment chair” and that it is “so comfortable that once you sit down in it you’re committed for a good long time.” Now that sounds like a comfortable chair! You might want to purchase two chairs if you think that you might not be able to share your new favorite lounging chair.

To decorate your home and create the atmosphere of a cozy lodge, Country Ways has also crafted a large line of lamps featuring, you guessed it again, snowshoes. Their Huron Table Lamp is a simple classic with the base of the lamp created from three small snowshoes. Their work and design is meticulous with an attention to authenticity and detail, rendering their lamps one-of-a-kind. Similar designs are available as floor lamps, reading lamps, sconces, and oil lamps.

I found that their WeatherShoes, weather instruments mounted on small 16-inch x 5-inch snowshoes, to be very appealing as they are simple and elegant. The instruments are certainly a unique gift for the outdoor lover and snowshoeing enthusiast and are a great gift for that person on your holiday shopping list that seems to already have everything. The original pledge to make every product functional remains steadfast and true.

*Country Ways snowshoes, lamps, furniture, and accessories http://www.snowshoe.com

Country Ways Rocker #9100F $399.99; Huron Table Lamp #HTL $199.00;WeatherShoes #SB $39.95

Meyda Tiffany has done it again and produced another spectacular work of stained glass art. Meyda’s “Trek of the Snowshoes” will inspire the winter enthusiast with an image of traditional snowshoes set crosswise on a white background, bordered with brilliant green and brown stained art glass. A solid brass frame elegantly completes this object d’art. The window is handcrafted elegantly in true Tiffany style using stained art glass and the copperfoil construction process invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Meyda Tiffany is located in Yorkville, N.Y., near the Adirondack foothills in central New York state. Several members of the design team spend their leisure time in the Adirondacks snowshoeing, skiing, or hiking. The designers’ love for the snowy mountains and outdoor activities inspired them to create “Trek of the Snowshoes.”

*Meyda Tiffany http://www.meyda.com

“Trek of the Snowshoes” Stained Glass Window #82515 $195.95

It seems that during this time of the year, a veritable herd of ceramic and resin forest creatures can be found strutting their stuff in snowshoes. Frolicking rabbits, whimsical mice, smiling bears, and waddling penguins all seem to be outfitted in tiny mittens, scarves, and snowshoes for the winter holiday season.

The Charming Tails collection from Fitz and Floyd features Binkey the Rabbit in different settings wearing outfits from acorns to flowers. Of course, Binkey gets to wear snowshoes too. The snowshoeing resin rabbit was retired this year, but he can still be found at retail outlets selling Fitz and Floyd collectibles or by contacting Fitz and Floyd directly for more information.

*Fitz and Floyd’s Charming Tails http://www.fitzandfloyd.com

“Binkey Snowshoeing” #87/580 $16.00

For the lighter side of life, the Purple Sign Shop of Fort Collins, Colo., has an appropriate sign for your personal parking space: “Snowshoe Parking Only: All Others Will Be Out in the Cold.” The painted aluminum novelty sign is sure to get a chuckle from even the summer lovers among us.

*Purple Sign Shop http://www.purplesignshop.com

“Snowshoe Parking Only” #SGN1-0538-M $9.00

Rembrandt Charms has created several detailed charms featuring snowshoes. Three styles of snowshoe charms are available in their collection: a single modern snowshoe, a pair of modern snowshoes, or a pair of traditional webbed and wood framed snowshoes. All are available in sterling silver, gold plate, 10K yellow gold, 14K yellow gold, and white gold. The charms retail from $12 to $171 depending on the style and material desired.

*Rembrandt Charms: http://www.rembrandtcharms.com

#2318, $12.00-$63.50; #2324, $28.00-$171.00; #3066, $17.00-$98.50

GSI Outdoors has ventured beyond selling only their functional and durable camping cookware. They have added a decorative outdoors-themed collection dubbed “Outside-Inside” as their new products are “outside ideas for inside spaces.”

GSI Outdoors offers several snowshoe-themed home accessories and ornaments. Buy yourself a keychain with a pair of pewter snowshoes so you can keep a pair of snowshoes with you at all times. Hang the colorful snowshoe ornament near the front door to remind you that summer doesn’t really last forever. And for those great photos of you where you cannot be identified because you’re all bundled up in your parka, goggles, and mukluks, there is even a snowshoe picture frame.

*GSI Outdoors Inside-Outside Décor http://www.gsioutdoors.com

Snowshoe ornament #99450 $6; Pewter keychain #99457 $10; Snowshoe frame #99470 $20

A vintage paper collection featuring snowshoes and snowshoers might just be the right gift for a history buff. Vintage advertisements, family photographs, and postcards from vacations can be gathered at collector’s shows featuring vintage papers. Look for old military or scouting photos and winter holiday advertisements.

Snowshoeing history is out there and can be found in many places. Great finds could be discovered at yard sales, flea markets, and antique stores. Doesn’t eBay have something for everyone? A quick search will turn up not only vintage photos and postcards featuring snowshoes and snowshoers, but antique snowshoes as well. I think that a pair of antique snowshoes would fit perfectly over the fireplace of a cozy mountain lodge.

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Heather L. Nicaise is a freelance writer and photographer living in southern California with her husband and three adopted dogs. She is concerned about animal welfare and preservation of the outdoors. She spends her winters snowshoeing and hiking. She spends summers cowering in dark air-conditioned corners.