The Early-Season Goings-On

What’s up snowshoers? It’s already October and here in Denver, that means that first little “tease” of a snowstorm on the Front Range. Monday morning found the Mile-High City drenched in a layer of frozen rain and then heaped with sleet and snow. Not tranquil or inviting at all. Just dangerous to drive through and uncomfortable to live in.

Then I thought about the happy little children throughout Colorado who were also experiencing a first of the season. Sleepy-eyed and anxiously crowded around Rocky Mountain radios, they listened for their first school cancellation. Honing in on the positive energy of that thought was almost enough to make me call in sick and settle down with a book and a cup of coffee. I do love outdoor adventure in a winter wonderland, but this was more sticky than fluffy. More soggy than crisp (like a bowl of abandoned corn flakes).

Speaking of outdoor adventure, we have a virtual smorgasbord of stories to put you in mind of snowshoeing excitement this month. Resident snowshoe competitor Katie Eggers reviews “Transcendent Summits”, an inspiring book that is sure to get your blood pumping and your wheels turning. Destinations like Methow Valley in Washington and Mt. Hood in Oregon (the first of a two-part piece by Mary Syrett) are imaginatively described and will either get you up to these areas this season or motivate you to explore the scenic summits of your own neck of the woods. Mike Decker attacks the funny bone in his guide to preparing for the snowshoe season. We’ve also incorporated our first music review on courtesy of Eric Greene. If you don’t usually snowshoe with tunes and you’re looking to alter your routine a little, I highly recommend it. It is nigh on euphoric.

Between the trick-or-treating and the leaf raking and the football watching, the hearty winter months should be here before you know it. Until then, enjoy our enthusiastic anecdotes and articles to speed things along even faster.

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