All the Leaves Are Brown…

Do you hear that? That buzz is the collective hum of we snowshoers imposing our will on the seasons. A friend of mine climbed Long’s Peak this Tuesday on his 30th birthday and as he reached the chilly summit, wouldn’t you know it, snow flurries.

It’s working, people.

With last year’s winter being a relatively mild one across North America, I know everyone shares with me the anticipation of that first quieting blanket of snow. I envy those of you way up north who have a shorter wait. The prevailing motif in this month’s issue is getting ready. Several of our columns capture the essence of that anticipation, and the preparation it entails. I find it funny that images of Christmas abound, for two reasons. With all the winter items arriving for upcoming product reviews, I feel like sitting cross-legged on my own living room floor in my pajamas opening boots and jackets and goggles. Of course these things don’t come gift-wrapped, but they might as well be. I also found myself listening to the ambiance music in a local Chinese restaurant this week chuckling at how Christmasy it sounded. Very strange.

As many of you know, the website is about to embark on a total overhaul, replete with many exciting new features. We’re unveiling a sharp new logo and a more convenient navigating design. We’re including a nifty new photo gallery, comprehensive fitness and nutrition sections, an athletes-blog (the “reality television” of the internet), an informative event calendar, and several contests to look forward to. Don’t forget to spread the word and have your friends and family sign up for the monthly newsletter. Last but not least, I’ve taken over as the managing editor of the Web site, so I’ll be going through my own metamorphosis too. It is at once intimidating and cool.

Most importantly, we’re launching the inaugural print-edition of Snowshoe Magazine this November. We couldn’t be more pleased with the contribution we’re receiving at all levels; from advertisers (both charter and new), writers, photographers, web-designers, printers and more. Snowshoe Magazine is proud to continue its’ mission to provide everything for and about the snowshoer. As the premier source for the sport, all of our changes are made with you in mind and we’re always open to suggestions.

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