Gear Reviews: A Handful of Great Snowshoeing Accessories

*Zooke Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner – No longer in the fog

I wear prescription eyeglasses. When I’m bundled up for a day of snowshoeing and wearing a turtleneck or most of my face is wrapped in a scarf, my eyeglasses are guaranteed to fog up. When I exhale, the turtleneck or scarf channels my warm breath directly upwards to my cold glasses. Instant fogging. I am a klutz when I can actually see. You wouldn’t want to see me on the trail with fogged glasses or goggles.

Zooke solves this problem. Their lens cleaner cleans your eyeglasses, sunglasses, goggles, and camera lenses beautifully. A small dab of Z-Wax or a spritz of Z20-Spray along with a wipe of a soft cloth will clean your glasses and keep them fogless. My personal favorite is the Z-Stik; the cap has a key ring so I can keep it accessible on my daypack.

Zooke is made with natural soaps in a water-based solution and won’t harm your glasses.

I’ve had the Z-Kit for almost two years and use it often on two pairs of glasses, camera lenses, and goggles. You can even use it on your car’s windshield or on bathroom mirrors. A little goes a long way.

Price: $6.95 – $25.95

Contact:; 1-877-249-1575

*Scott Heli OTG Goggles – Goggles for prescription lens wearers

These are great goggles for those who cannot function without their prescription eyeglasses. Scott’s Heli OTG (Over-The-Glasses) goggles have a chamber deep enough to comfortably fit over your glasses so you don’t feel like your glasses are being crushed on the front of your face.

The dual lens design helps control fogging with adequate ventilation and No Fog anti-fog lens treatment. The goggles also provide 100 percent UVA radiation protection.

These goggles perform well. I’ve not yet experienced fogging and the ventilation is adequate. The hypoallergenic face foam is so soft and comfortable that I often forget that I am wearing the goggles. The goggles easily remove by pressing on the clip attached to the woven elastic strap; easy to do even when wearing thick gloves or mittens. I think these goggles are a great addition to anyone’s winter gear collection.

Price: $47.95

Contact:; 1-800-292-5874

*Terramar Thermasilk EC2 Glove Liners – Silk glove liners give a comfortable and moisture-free workout

Terramar’s Thermasilk glove liners will keep your hands dry and comfortable. Wear the 100 percent silk liners under your gloves for extra warmth or alone for a light protective layer on a warmer day.

Terramar’s EC2 Qwik-Dri technology will keep your hands warm on the coldest days and cool and comfortable during the warmer ones. The glove liners act as an insulating layer to keep your hands warm while the EC2 Qwik-Dri technology helps wicks moisture away from your hands and out through the fabric, keeping your hands warm and sweat-free. Dry hands and fabric will reduce heat loss and the chances of hypothermia.

In mid-winter, I always have these under my gloves. The extra layer keeps my hands warm. My hands tend to sweat during a difficult workout when I tend to tightly grip my ski poles. The glove liners do the job of keeping my hands sweat-free exceptionally well.

I also wear the liners alone during spring snowshoeing excursions when the weather is warm. My hands stay protected from the occasional cool breeze and stay dry while I’m working hard.

Price: $10


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