Our Devotion to the Snowshoe Gatherings

There’s nothing more important than community. And, knowing that the industry thrives on events – competitive and non-competitive – there is no doubt…snowshoeing was made for the people, by the people.

As we continue to prepare ourselves for what we consider our first season in business, Snowshoe Magazine and its team are committed to ALL snowshoeing events. Of course we would love to attend every race and meeting worldwide, but we can’t – it’s just impossible at this point (certainly we think it’s possible years down the road). We can, however, provide coverage of an event and we can provide materials for an event through our greatest resource – the Internet.

Stemming from our idea of a “street team,” we see value in allowing snowshoeing events of all sizes and purpose to have a voice through our medium. So, I request everybody to send us information on their event and/or an event that has yet to receive attention. We will be more than happy to place the information into our event calendar (when it becomes available soon).

As the season progresses, we will have more information available on how to join the street team and distribute materials on behalf of Snowshoe Magazine at events around the world. We are also in development of our snowshoe clubs area that will provide more information on a more localized level – if you have a club, please let us know and provide all the essential contact information.

This season, we plan to cover the following events thoroughly:

*The Yeti Mountain Snowshoe Series

*The Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series (the Snowshoe Magazine staff will be present at all four races)

*The 2005 United States National Snowshoe Championships (the Snowshoe Magazine staff will be present at the Colorado-based events and the championships in Anchorage, Alaska)

*Winter Trails Day 2005 (the Snowshoe Magazine staff will be present at all Colorado-based Winter Trails events this season)

*The Breast Cancer Fund’s Winter Snowshoe Challenge (time and location to be announced soon)

*The 2005 12th Annual Snowshoe Shuffle (the Snowshoe Magazine staff will be present)

*All Atlas- and Tubbs-sponsored events nationwide

There are many events that we will be making appearances at this season, but this is just a selection of some of the major happenings. Is there something we’re missing? Let us know and we will get prepared to place it in our online event calendar.

Let’s all join together to make this a great snowshoeing season. I’ll see you on the trails!

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Ryan Alford