USSSA Selects New Board of Regional Representatives

It’s that time of the year, and the United States Snowshoe Association has announced the new board of regional representatives for the 2004/2005 snowshoe season.

Many of the representatives that served last year appear on the new board, but many new faces appear on the committee as well. The new board will not only assist in the forward movement of the Association but also help organize the many races throughout the season, including the National Championships held in March.

“The U.S. Snowshoe Association is very pleased to announce the results of our recent election of 21 people to serve on our Board of Regional Athletic Delegates,” said Mark Elmore, sports director with the USSSA. “These folks bring years of snowshoe racing experience, worlds of energy and new and exciting ideas to assist us in improving our U.S. National Snowshoe Championship program. I’d also like to thank those individuals who sat on this board from 2001 to 2004. Those folks were largely responsible for assisting the USSSA in getting the National Championships off the ground in the first place.”

The new board is as follows:

NORTHEAST: Dave Dunham (Mass.), Ed Alibozek (Conn.) and Kelli Lusk (Mass.)

NORTH CENTRAL: Timmy Dusick (Wis.), Greg Hexum (Minn.), and Cindy Brochman (Minn.)

WESTERN: Teri Smith (Ore.), Chris Gilbert (Calif.), and Peter Fain (Calif.)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN: Bernie Boettcher (Colo.), Darrin Eisman (Colo.), and Danelle Ballangee (Colo.)

ALASKA: Julie Udchachon (Alaska), Michelle Martin (Alaska), and Eric Skidmore (Alaska)

TECHNICAL: Bob Dion (Vt.), Adam Chase (Colo.), and Tom Sobal (Colo.)

ATHLETES: Ethan Hemphill (Maine), Helen Cospolich (Colo.), and Nikki Kimball (N.Y.)

“2004/2005 is going to be another very exciting season supporting an awesome Fifth Annual U.S. National Snowshoe Championships event in Anchorage, Alaska, (taking place March 5). See you there!”

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