Fall Hiking in the Canadian Rockies

Photo by Jennifer MacNevin

There is no better way to explore the beautiful country of Canada than getting outdoors. Arguably the Canadian Rockies are amongst the most beautiful of all landscapes in Canada and to fully appreciate them, one must get out and hike. … Continue reading

Snowshoeing in Europe


My name’s Hilary Sharp, I’m an International Mountain Leader (Trekking Guide) and for the last 25 years I’ve run my own business guiding snowshoeing and hiking in the European Alps.

Switzerland’s Gemmi Pass offers a great base for snowshoeing as

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Real Life Superheroes Live on at Surf the Murph

The course cleaned up nicely as runners dropped into the Horse Camp Aid Station later in the day

The leaves rustled from the light wind as the sun rose, easing the darkness away on this cloudy morning. The runners had accustomed themselves to the constant splish…splash…squish coming from their footfalls into the unknown mushy darkness below. Now that … Continue reading

Trotting or Gobbling! Thanksgiving Day Races Abound

Take a turkey on the run and enhance the fun like in Atlanta.

Throughout the country, Thursday of Thanksgiving week becomes race day, a tradition almost as important as overeating.  One earns at least some part of the bounty coming later called Thanksgiving dinner. Here are races scattered across the USA. Listings are … Continue reading

Discover the arctic attractions: Create a unique snowshoe adventure with the Big Arctic Five


Article by www.Greenland.com

Greenland is one of the world’s great adventure destinations and is considered as the largest arctic continent in the world. The arctic wonder holds a number of attractions with a unique Greenlandic touch. Winter sports enthusiasts can … Continue reading

Readying for the Challenge of Snowshoe Racing

Annual tradition at Udder Snowshoe Race, Athens, WI: Queen dives in, sometimes with a helping hand.

So how does a scuba diver enter the cold waters of snowshoe racing? That question came from a Twin Cities athlete seeking a challenge to seriously pursue in winter. Look no further, you found it: just dive in.

Annual tradition

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What’s a Yooper? And what’s a Yooper doing on snowshoes?


What’s a Yooper? From The Associated Press caption, dated May 19, 2014, reads, “Da ‘Yoopers’ added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary celebrating residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.” Yes, in April that year, Merriam-Webster added: “Yooper noun: a native or resident of … Continue reading

Beyond Bozeman — Snowshoeing Bridger Canyon

View of Bridger Canyon

Just beyond Bozeman, Montana, past the trendy restaurants, countless coffee shops, and hip breweries, is Bridger Canyon. The Bridger Mountains erupt to the west and the Bangtails roll up on the east. Between the two ranges, Bridger Creek sashays toward … Continue reading

Fantastic Snowshoe Events to Attend in 2016

snowshoe raid

It is hard to believe that winter is quickly coming and whether you are strapping on snowshoes for the first time or you are a seasoned expert, there is no better way to celebrate the sport than participating in a … Continue reading

Races Of A Lifetime? 2016 Italian World Snowshoe Bookends

Now you can see why Romeo and Juliet could love Verona, Italy, so much.

All trails lead to Italy! The World Snowshoe Federation (WSSF) announced that the 2016 World Snowshoe Championships race will be held on February 6, 2016 in Vezza d’Oglio. The following weekend, the crown jewel of snowshoe racing, the Ciaspalonga Snowshoe Continue reading

Snowshoes For More Weighty Creatures!


We all enjoy putting our snowshoes on, stepping out into that deep powder, plodding away and becoming immersed in that whole snowy wintertime atmosphere. It’s what gets us excited and let’s be honest, snowshoeing an important facet of our very … Continue reading

Autumn Hiking in Vermont

A family hiking at Smuggler's Notch Resort

There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than taking family hikes, especially in the fall when the weather is cooler and the leaves are changing colors. Hiking with the family provides quality time together, allows the family to grow … Continue reading