The Road to Hrimthurs: “Weeping Bitter Tears of Rage”

Dan Lockery competing at Actif Epica

The most difficult individual award of the winter, winning entry to The Order of the Hrimthurs, relates to achieving that prize. It is an individual recognition, the best kind, only available to those who do the maximum distances of … Continue reading

Let Good Times Roll with I/O Merino


Escape to the trails; unleash the road to guide your being where you will. The Cars rock “Let the good times roll.” I/O Merino soothes your soul.

The Women’s Vital Long Sleeve Top

Wrapping you in confidence, making … Continue reading

Screams of Pain: The Danelle Ballengee Story


On December 13th, 2006 I went for a run with my dog, Tasman, just outside of Moab, Utah. About an hour into my run I was hiking up a small canyon to connect to a jeep trail and complete my … Continue reading

Winter Wrap Up: The Gear that Got Me Through


Nothing is more important to me when snowshoeing that I have the proper gear and that I stay warm. Living in an area where temperatures are commonly -4 Fahrenheit, I have to make sure I am properly insulated and not … Continue reading

Striking Gold With the Inaugural Ezakimak


New race at Mammoth Mountain for skiers, runners and snowshoers becomes an overnight success

By Lara Kaylor

“So this is what we do for fun in the mountains,” said the runner hopping up and down next to me, trying to … Continue reading

Five Winter Activities in Seeley Lake, Montana


Nestled into a valley between the Mission and Swan mountain ranges in western Montana, Seeley Lake is one of the more scenic spots in a spectacular state. The Mission Mountain Wilderness is on one side, the Bob Marshall Wilderness on … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Terrain at SnowGaine Orienteering ROGAINE

snowgaine race racer snow

“Snowgaine is nothing short of epic. For athletes accustomed to long mileage but who have limited navigation experience, do not be deterred! A few excursions with your local orienteering club this summer will provide you with the experience necessary to … Continue reading

Kids and Snowshoes: Tips and Tricks that Actually Work

One of their favorite things to capture on film, Mommy doing a snow angel

Snowshoeing brings families together; or at least that was the line I used on my kids when I tried to convince them that this sport was all one we could participate in. For us, we live in an area that … Continue reading

RideOn Vision Goggle Enhances Reality on the Slopes


I’ll admit I was skeptical after first learning about RideOn Vision’s new augmented reality snow goggle.  I tend to be old-fashioned and prefer simplicity in most aspects of life–including sports and technology–and  I couldn’t understand why anyone would need to … Continue reading

Unforgettable Otaki, Hokkaido

Otaki Hotel Grounds

Otaki Hotel Grounds

The icy two-lane road toward Otaki is surrounded by woods with an occasional deer browsing on brush poking above the snow level. Countless street signs announced waterfalls, park lands, and many other natural attractions. We passed by … Continue reading

Trekkin’ with Toddlers: Passing on the Snowshoeing Tradition

Admiring the snow-frosted trees.

Our toddler grandson, Jack, loves to spend time in the woods behind our house here on the east coast of Canada. He also loves to get out in the snow. Our oft time, six month winter meant we were going … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Saved My Life


Snowshoeing saved my life this winter. Not literally saved my life but figuratively. I don’t know how I would have survived this cold, dark, snowy winter without this sport. Here is my story.

Take care of your body; take care … Continue reading