Got Heat? Heat Holder Gloves, Socks and Surprises

snowshoe heat holders montage photos

Here’s the hot formula: combine comfort with advanced insulating yarn, wear everywhere. That’s the outcome for Heat Holders, the leader in thermal outdoor wear. With their unique entries in the world of footwear and gloves, one looks good and, … Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Will Merino Wool Keep Us Warm While Snowshoeing?


“My Merino wool hat keeps me toasty warm.”

“I swear by my Merino wool socks.”

“Snowshoers are coming back to traditional materials like Merino wool.”

“I can snowshoe for hours in Merino!”

“There is nothing warmer than Merino wool.”

“Merino … Continue reading

Winter Hikes in Snowdonia National Park

Miners Trail Snowdonia

It covers more than 800 square miles and is the third most visited. Snowdonia National Park was designated in 1951 and since then, tourists have flocked to this rugged part of north Wales for its crystal clear lakes and rivers … Continue reading