Gear Review: SportHill Backcountry Pant


If I am being honest, my pants are very often the last thing I am thinking about while I am out exploring. My boots, jacket, socks, shirt, hat, and even long johns tend to be more cognitively demanding decisions when … Continue reading

Gear Review: SportHill Saga II 3SP Women’s Tight

Saga Tight

Twice a week throughout the year (minus mud seasons), a local group of runners and hikers rise with the sun to hit the steep on Vail Mountain in Colorado. Ellen Miller, accomplished mountaineer and endurance coach, leads the sessions out … Continue reading

Mountain Khakis’ Field Pants Offer a Stellar Performance on the Snow

Out in the Tetons with the original field pants by Mountain Khakis.  (Photo by Brad Christensen.)

You’d expect me to be partial to Mountain Khakis, since I live in Jackson, Wyoming, and Mountain Khakis is a Jackson-based enterprise.  But after wearing their original field pants out snowshoeing these past few weeks, I’m more than partial.  I’m … Continue reading

Gear Review: Columbia Millennium Blur Jacket and Pants

Millenium Blur jacket

I am wearing the Millennium Blur Jacket Hyper Purple Size Medium and Millennium Blur Pant in White Size Medium

Mother Nature is an unpredictable force. Thank goodness we, as adventurers, can count on Columbia Sportswear Company to produce innovative, reliable … Continue reading

Gear Review: SportHill 3SP Callaghan Skinny Pant

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 7.59.12 AM

No more pant legs flapping against one another.  No more bottom half layering.  No more pulling and tugging.  No more adjusting.  SportHill, athletic apparel company in Portland, Ore., has the answer with their new 3SP Callaghan Skinny Pant for women.… Continue reading

Combined Gear Review: RailRiders Winter Weatherpants & Bison Designs Last Chance Heavy Duty Belt


RailRiders Winter Weatherpants

Winter in southern New England is typically cold and blustery rather than truly frigid. Breaking trail through a foot of early winter powder quickly overwhelms the breathability of trousers with a waterproof/breathable layer (such as Gore-Tex) and … Continue reading

Gear Review: Patagonia Northwall Softshell Pants


At first glance, the name of the Northwall softshell pants from Patagonia might seem to be a nod to the outdoor gear maker’s longtime competitor, The North Face. But in reality it is simply a reference to the mountaineer’s “cold … Continue reading

Underneath Your Clothes: SnowAngel Offers Winter Performance Base Layers for Women

Chami legging

Chami Zip T-Neck

Ladies: When you’re competing, your focus should be on the race, the trail, the other athletes—not on your body temperature or appearance. SnowAngel’s Chami line keeps you thermally insulated and looking sexy, allowing you to concentrate on

Continue reading

The North Face Snowshoe Combo: Jacket, Pants, Boots and Backpack

In this video, Snowshoe Magazine reviews The North Face snowshoeing combo: Perception Jacket, Mountain Pants, Snow Beast Boots and the Patrol 34 Backpack.

For more information:

The North Face Perception Jacket –

The North Face Mountain Pants – reading

Inspired by Everest, Blessed by Buddhist Prayer Flags: Sherpa Adventure Gear Goes the Distance


Engineered for technical outdoor pursuits and even the coldest of snowshoeing adventures, Sherpa Adventure Gear's combination of the Mantra Jacket, Himal Pant and Renzing Hat combines modern-day fabrics with Nepalese influence.    

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Great Gear: The Right Clothes for Playing Outdoors in Winter Weather


There are so many places to buy outdoor gear, online and off, and so many varieties. Prices are all over the place, last year's top of the line snow pants will end up on clearance at 75 percent, while this year's models (Oh! We changed the pocket closure from Velcro to zip!) hover around $200 USD. Companies push new technologies or gimmicks or styles, and we buy it – after all, we'd like to be warmer, drier, better ventilated, or just better looking.

Dressed for Success: Mammut Allows Snowshoers to Go ‘Absolute Alpine’


I'm convinced that the Mammut brand exists solely in the high altitude extremes, the most remotely explored locations, the arctic corners of the Earth, and among the elite adventurers of the world's cragged peaks.  It would be difficult to find the distinguished Mammut logo roaming the Mall of America or waiting for a burger in a lonely booth at a Burger King.  The Switzerland-based Mammut doesn't haunt the stifled realms of living room entertainment centers; it can be found clinging to an ice-covered rocky outcropping on its way to a record-breaking ascent of Denali.  I wore the Mammut brand proudly during my numerous snowshoeing adventures in Colorado – using the Pizol Jacket, Sturdy Pants, Rapid Beanie, and Shelter Ultimate Gloves as my weapons of choice.  This heavenly gear combo is fraught with a divine goal: Go farther on the snow.