Four Kinds of Snowshoes for Big People and Heavy Loads

Faber Bear Paw, Heavy Duty lacing, 16x30 inches
Carrying some weight on your belly or your back and headed out into the powder? Then go big with your snowshoe choice.

Range of Light Carries on a Rich Ecological Tradition

Robert Hanna, the great-great-grandson of John Muir and the CEO of Range of Light.

One century ago this month, on December 24, 1914, America’s greatest pioneering naturalist died in Los Angeles at age 76.  John Muir was a true Renaissance man – a botanist, geologist, engineer, inventor, rancher, explorer, ecological thinker, and writer whose … Continue reading

Taking the World by Storm One Snowfoot at a Time


Just over two weeks into their crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo and Snowfoot shows no sign of slowing down in support and sales. From the Italian mountains to the United States and all the way north to Canada, this innovative company … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Fun with Kids


While for most of us, snowshoeing is a perfect activity in its own right – considering the exercise and peace of a snow-covered winter landscape among other things – for kids, especially the younger ones, it may be just a … Continue reading

TSL Introduces a New Generation of Snowshoes


More than 36 years ago TSL Snowshoes was founded deep in the heart of the Alps and created a brand that is now known for its high quality snowshoes. A popular European household name, TSL is breaking new ground in … Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Will Merino Wool Keep Us Warm While Snowshoeing?


“My Merino wool hat keeps me toasty warm.”

“I swear by my Merino wool socks.”

“Snowshoers are coming back to traditional materials like Merino wool.”

“I can snowshoe for hours in Merino!”

“There is nothing warmer than Merino wool.”

“Merino … Continue reading

Snowfoot: A Radical Snow Mobility Tool


Snowfoot can only be described as an incredible start-up company that has formed a mobility tool that helps everyone cut through the snow a little bit easier. And by a little easier I mean A LOT easier.

Designed for backcountry … Continue reading

Bambool Base Layers Born in the Vail Valley


Out of all the base layers you own, how many do you actually wear? For most avid recreationalists, a few long sleeves come out of the drawer to be worn, then washed, folded and returned. We all know of a … Continue reading

Hurrah! Choucas! Official Headwear USSSA National Snowshoe Team

Choucas GLIDE wakes up the forest.

Promising to be the brightest, best-dressed U.S. Snowshoe Association National Team yet, Choucas (“shoo kah”) tips their whimsical, colorful hats to honor the sport of snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing fast as a bird!

With their status now as the official headwear for … Continue reading

Gaiters: How to Choose

Whether you're running snowshoe races or kicking steps above treeline, gaiters are must-have kit. Here are the design features that matter.

Get Ready for 2015! Ask the Fish

"OO" is how they feel; OOFOS is who makes them

Here it comes, the Big Bang in athletic clothing and innovation; and you thought it all stopped when UnderArmour created a new shirt in the 1990s. Hang on!

Running so fast, those shoes will burn! (From the movie “Hunger Games”)

Continue reading

Outdoor Retailer Snowshoe Recap, Part Deux

MSR Revo Explore snowshoes

With so much new gear to see at Outdoor Retailer earlier in January, we weren’t able to give you a preview to all of next year’s coolest snowshoes in one post. (See our OR Recap, Part 1.) Rest … Continue reading