Unforgettable Otaki, Hokkaido

Otaki Hotel Grounds

Otaki Hotel Grounds

The icy two-lane road toward Otaki is surrounded by woods with an occasional deer browsing on brush poking above the snow level. Countless street signs announced waterfalls, park lands, and many other natural attractions. We passed by … Continue reading

The Trails of Down East Maine’s Blue Hill Peninsula: Hiker Paradise

Maine's coastline provides dramatic surf

When the glaciers of the last ice age retreated, they left a ragged coastline of what is now the state of Maine in America’s farthest northeastern reach. So rough is this resulting geological feature, that the Maine coast measures second … Continue reading

Snowshoeing at 28 Below Zero (Fahrenheit)

Nicole and Delaney pull two of three sleds in our expedition party.

Really, it can be enjoyable!

We had booked our reservation at the High Lonesome Hut (www.lonesomehut.com) in Fraser, CO to spend New Year’s Eve in the backcountry.  The High Lonesome Hut is a self-contained cabin 2.5 miles from the trailhead … Continue reading

Canyon Hiking and Snowshoeing in the Northern Canadian Rockies

Exploring Jasper National Park in the Northern Canadian Rockies

Living in Southern Alberta, I tend to spend most of my weekends in nearby Banff National Park or Kananaskis Country. Every February though we get a long weekend to celebrate a local holiday known as “Family Day” and I seize … Continue reading

Beaver Creek’s Backcountry: McCoy Park is a powder playground for snowshoers

McCoy Park snowshoeing is a beautiful mountain adventure. Photo courtesy of Vail Resorts.

On an early winter morning in Beaver Creek’s McCoy Park, the only sound to break through the crisp air is the crunching of snowshoes on unbroken trail. In every direction, snow crystals glisten beneath the Colorado sunshine, sparkling on … Continue reading

Snowshoeing, Snow camping and Snowstorms


Eighteen college students and I were scheduled to take our winter snowshoeing and snow camping fieldtrip in northern Wisconsin on an early December weekday. It was over an hour drive to our destination.

I carefully watched the weather report several … Continue reading

Outdoor Enthusiasts Unite! An Epic Oregon Experience

Mt. Hood in the background

Visiting Oregon whether it be the winter or summer is an unbelievable experience; from the breathtaking landscapes to the friendly people to the incredible weather; one really can’t go wrong. When I planned on doing some serious snowshoeing in Oregon, … Continue reading

Central Oregon: A Beer Lover’s Paradise


As I chanted in my head “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”, I stared up at the seemingly never-ending mountain and seriously doubted that I could indeed make it to the top. Perhaps that … Continue reading

Trekking Around Titlis: Snowshoeing in Central Switzerland

snowshoe running

It’s late afternoon, that magical part of the day when the sun gives those last rays everything it’s got. The pretty alpine landscape now seems magical, as a pink hued glow is cast upon the snow. Only the soft crunch … Continue reading

Strap On Your Snowshoes In Park City: Explore the Wasatch Range and the Waldorf Astoria

White Pine Touring snowshoe guide, Victoria Ritzinger, breaks trail in between switchbacks on Rob's Trail in Park City, Utah. Photo by Kim Fuller

White Pine Touring snowshoe guide, Victoria Ritzinger, breaks trail in between switchbacks on Rob’s Trail in Park City, Utah. Photo by Kim Fuller

Its always nice to plan a vacation around recreation, because it allows you to come home feeling … Continue reading

A Guided Moonlight Snowshoe Walk

Mount Royal

We’re perched in our snowshoes atop Mount Royal, gathered around Montreal’s iconic illuminated cross, which stands sentry over Plateau Mont Royal, the downtown core and the eastern end of the island. Our guide, Antoné, is an affable, bearded fellow in … Continue reading

Snowshoe Tour to Subterranean Ice Sculptures


UPDATE: The following article is about a wonderful tour in natural location Unfortunately, it appears that now some visitors are skipping the tour and walking through private property to try and get to the cave. Absolutely do not do this. … Continue reading