North America’s 4 Top Spring Snowshoe Destinations


The popular sport of snowshoeing makes for a great outdoor adventure and a wonderful way to get low-impact, cardiovascular exercise. Anyone who can walk may indulge in the sport that does not require any experience. There are a variety of … Continue reading

A Guided Moonlight Snowshoe Walk

Mount Royal

We’re perched in our snowshoes atop Mount Royal, gathered around Montreal’s iconic illuminated cross, which stands sentry over Plateau Mont Royal, the downtown core and the eastern end of the island. Our guide, Antoné, is an affable, bearded fellow in … Continue reading

Winter Athleticism Brings A Healthy Outlook, Part 2

Julie Dahl with Shadow

Julie Dahl with Shadow

Julie Dahl walks six to seven days a week for three miles. She felt it was time to transition from the physical taxation she’d experienced running to a less strenuous workout. Running provided a cardiovascular challenge, … Continue reading

Essential Gear for Snowshoeing


The key to enjoying a snowshoeing adventure is being prepared for the worst of conditions. Nothing can ruin an otherwise glorious experience worse than not having the proper tools necessary to brave the elements. And in some cases, venturing out … Continue reading

CLIF Bar’s Meet the Moment Campaign

Alex Honnold

CLIF Bar’s Meet the Moment campaign inspires people to explore the outdoors and embark on a new adventure. If people post an image to their social channels with #MeetTheMoment, CLIF Bar will donate $1 to an environmental non-profit.

Meet the … Continue reading

Snowmobiling 101: Hitting the Powder


The sense of peace and serenity that comes from the stillness of snowy landscapes is inherent in snowshoe adventures. But what about those long winter days when cabin fever takes its toll and you need a little more excitement? Stirring … Continue reading

New Mexico: Land of Enchantment and Some Excellent Snowshoeing


With many years of combined snowshoeing experience in New Mexico, three Albuquerque locals tell about their favorite trails and favored snowshoes.

Regents Professor Emerita
Exercise Physiology
University of New Mexico

On snowshoes:

“I was tired of wearing snowshoes … Continue reading

Take Your Kids for a Walk on the Wild Side


National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest conservation organization, is pleased to announce the fourth annual Hike & Seek cities happening around the country this fall. Hike & Seek is a cross between a scavenger hunt and a one- to two-mile … Continue reading

Adaptive Snowshoeing

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 10.13.15 PM

Kindness, generosity, and a simple e-mail can go along way when it comes to helping others. At least, this was my experience this past fall when I decided to start-up an adaptive snowshoe class.

I graduated from the University of … Continue reading

Class IV Laser Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy and Why Cortisone Injections Don’t Work


Do you have feet and legs that feel NUMB?

Have you gotten a cortisone injection and your pain came back?

Why not try Natural Laser Pain Therapy that WORKS!

Let’s Start with Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy or numbness, tingling, burning, shooting … Continue reading

The Secret to Weight Loss: Consistency

DayHiking 03_T copy

It is no secret that exercise is the most natural and the safest way for losing weight. But, is one exercise better than another exercise for fast weight loss? Let’s explore the answer to that question.

The best exercise for … Continue reading

Numbness and Tingling


If you have been experiencing symptoms of numbness and tingling, it could be caused by nerve damage or compression. A nerve in the spine can be pinched by a herniated or bulging disc, it can be caused by spinal stenosis … Continue reading